Use social networks like a hacke

social network
pip install socialpy==0.0.3



Use social networks like a hacker.

SocialPy has multiple function and is designed to be very flexible. The command line tools allowed you to post viva the terminal. This is the way hacker should post. Write your own scrips to post automatically. To storage some post, i implement a data-serve with a web front end. It's only a django project and has vary low security settings. Don't push it to a public web-server.

SocialPy is a small private project. I do it just for fun. So some parts are really dirty. I would clean them up, if I'm boring. Or watch Rick and Morty? :D

quick start

It's a python package, use pip to install.

pip install socialpy

Now setup the gateway. All keys are storage in your home folder ~/.socialpy

python -m socialpy.client setup

Where you find the key's? That is a little bit difficult. Maybe I should write something about that. Or should I watch Rick and Morty again?

It's time to post something funny.


You can write your own python script and do crazy stuff.


Look in the examples folder for more fun.

Before you can use the data-server, you have to initialize the database.

python -m socialpy.server setup

Start the server

python -m socialpy.server run

and then go to http://your.ip:9999. Write some awesome text. Enter the data from your scrips

from import Post

for post in Post.objects.all():
  #do something with the post

This was the quick start. You can you much more. The doc coming soon, I promise.

Setup Raspberry Pi

I use a Raspberry Pi as a small server. This is how I set it up.

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install socialpy



This api uses the e-mail and password.


Run the script from the examples. It create and displays all the key.


More information about the client module.

python -m socialpy.client setup
python -m socialpy.client --file your/file
python -m socialpy.client show
python -m socialpy.client post --networks facebook twitter --text "Hallo Welt"


More information about the server module.

python -m socialpy.server setup
python -m socialpy.server createadmin
python -m socialpy.server run --settings server
python -m socialpy.server deletedb


More information about the data module.

python -m show


More information about the bot module.

coming soon


Only developer stuff. Clone the repo

git clone
cd socialpy

Setup avirtual envirument

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Install socialpy

pip install -e .

Setup the db for the data-server

python -m socialpy.funcs setupdb

You can uses the django like

python -m startapp newapp

Some infos