Sooty: Simple database migrator.

pip install sooty==0.0.3


Sooty: Simple Database Migrator

Sooty is a simple database migration tool for postgres databases. When working with a legacy application, more often than not, the application has no means of migrating the database forward. This is a simple library to bridge that gap.

The name Sooty comes from the bird Sooty Shearwater which can travel over 20,000 miles during it's annual migration.


sooty create add index on product ids

$ Created directory './migrations'
$ Created migration file './migrations/create_index_on_product_ids_20160218223012.sql

$ cat ./migrations/create_index_on_product_ids_20160218223012.sql

-- Just type some SQL!
-- ALTER TABLE products ADD COLUMN customer_code varchar(11)

To run your migrations just

$ sooty run <database_url>

If no database url is provided, sooty will try to use the environment variable DATABASE_URL

That's it!