Sound and music synthesis library in pure python

sound, synthesis, pure
pip install sound-machine==1.1.0



This is a library to do audio synthesis and music composition. Its goal is to make the interface as simple as possible to use with as short a learning curve as possible.

It is written in pure python, and supports both python 2 and 3.


$ pip install sound-machine

You probably want to use the PyPy interpreter, expecially if you expect to do any sort of real-time synthesis. Here are some instructions on setting up a virtual environment with pypy.

First, install pypy and the pypy-dev package (or equivilant) from your OS's package manager. Then, make sure you have virtualenvwrapper installed. Finally:

mkvirtualenv --python=`which pypy` sound
pip install sound-machine

At time of writing, the python package index is suffering some pretty nasty technical difficulties, so if the above install commands don't work for you, the pip install sound-machine line can be replaced with pip install git+


This is a python module. To use it, launch a python shell, then type import sound. It would be a good idea to do this in the IPython shell so you can use tab-autocomplete to browse the module contents.


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