Toggle page content and collapse admonitions in Sphinx.

jupyter-book, sphinx, sphinx-doc, sphinx-extension
pip install sphinx-togglebutton==0.3.2



A small sphinx extension to make it possible to add a "toggle button" to sections of your page. This allows you to:

  • Collapse Sphinx admonitions (notes, warnings, etc) so that their content is hidden until users click a toggle button.
  • Collapse arbitrary chunks of content on your page with a collapse directive.

Demonstration of Sphinx Togglebutton


You can install sphinx-togglebutton with pip:

pip install sphinx-togglebutton


In your conf.py configuration file, add sphinx_togglebutton to your extensions list.


extensions = [

Now, whenever you wish for an admonition to be toggle-able, add the :class: dropdown parameter to the admonition directive that you use.

For example, this code would create a toggle-able "note" admonition that starts hidden:

.. note::
    :class: dropdown

    This is my note.

Clicking on the toggle button will toggle the item's visibility.

You may also show the content by default. To do so, add the dropdown class as well as a toggle-shown class, like so:

.. note::
    :class: dropdown, toggle-shown

    This is my note.

You can also use containers to add arbitrary toggle-able code. For example, here's a container with an image inside:

.. container:: toggle, toggle-hidden

    .. admonition:: Look at that, an image!

        .. image:: https://media.giphy.com/media/mW05nwEyXLP0Y/giphy.gif