Foundation Package for Splash Py Clients

pip install splashpy==0.3.1



Splashpy - Splash Core Module for Python

Splash Core Module for Python 3 Applications. This module was coded to be used on all Python Applications Modules. It is designed as a complete toolbox for Splash Python Clients Modules.


  • All Client operations are merged in a single static class splashpy.Framework
  • Provide base classes for creating Objects,Widgets & More...
  • Provide it's on Soap Server to reduce dependencies.
  • Native responses to Werkzeug requests.
  • Automatically detect Module configuration from Werkzeug requests

Pip3 Installation

Open a command console, enter your project directory and execute the following command to download the latest stable version of this bundle:

$ pip3 install splashpy

Basic usage

Create a Splash Server & answer Werkzeug request

from splashpy.server import SplashServer

def myController(self, **kw):
    # Create Splash Server
    splash_server = SplashServer(
        "SplashServerIdentifier",   # Server ID (provided by Splash)
        "SplashEncryptionKey",      # Encryption Key (provided by Splash)
        [Object1(), Object2()],     # List of Mapped Objects
        [Widget1(), Widget2()]      # List of Mapped Widgets
    # Answer request
    return splash_server.fromWerkzeug(httprequest)

This module is part of SplashSync project.