SSH Connection manager.

pip install sshman==0.0.3



A simple ssh connection manager written in Python.


  • You need Python 3 installed on your system;
  • You need OpenSSH client installed on your system. sshman will check for the existence of ssh binary.


If you have system-wide permissions, use: pip3 install sshman

If you want to install just for yourself (without administrative privileges), use: pip3 install sshman --user


Adding a new connection

To add a new connection, type:

sshman add or sshman add <connection-name>

Then press ENTER. sshman will prompt for needed info.

You can still use ssh syntax, like this:

sshman add <connection-name> ssh user@host

Or even:

sshman add <connection-name> ssh user@host -i /path/to/your/key

Another way would be:

sshman add <connection-name> ssh user@host -i /path/to/your/key -L port:remote-address:remote_port -L another:port:forwarding

If you want to use this mode, remember always to use <connection-name>.

You can also replace add for just a on all commands above, for example:

sshman a <connection-name> sshman a

This is a quicker way to do stuff.

Connecting to existing connection

Both ways will work:

sshman connect <connection-name> or sshman <connection-name>

Where <connection-name> is, well, the connection name.

Like on 'add' command, you can replace connect for just c.

sshman c

List all available connections

sshman list or sshman l

Show detailed information about specific connection

sshman show <connection-name> or sshman s

Remove connection

sshman remove <connection-name> or sshman rm <connection-name>


sshman help or sshman h

Or even just:




  • Add support for SCP;

v0.3 DONE

  • Add option to edit an existing connection; DONE
  • Allow user to connect using a connection number. If no number or connection name is given, prompt; DONE
  • Allow user to user to do the same as above with remove, show and edit; DONE
  • List connections with a number on it's side, so the user knows which number to use when starting a connection; DONE
  • Add connection number on 'show' command; DONE
  • Add 'reorder' command, to reorder connections alphabetically; DONE
  • Add option to insert a new connection using ssh syntax. Ex.: 'ssh user@host -i key_address -L localport1:remote_address1:remote_port1 -L localport2:remote_address2:remote_port2 -L etc"; DONE
  • Allow user to quick input commands by their first letters. For example: 'sshman a' will be the same as 'sshan add', 'sshman c' will be the same as 'sshman connect', etc; DONE
  • Update to show how to install and include Python 3 as a requirement; DONE
  • Update to match changes. DONE