A simple tool to get ssm parameters to an .ebextensions file

pip install ssm2eb==0.5.2


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A simple tool to get ssm parameters to an .ebextensions file.


Create a template like the one in example/template.yaml.


$ ssm2eb -i example/template.yaml -o .ebextensions/env_variables.config


$ ssm2eb -h
usage: ssm2eb [-h] [--input INPUT] [--output OUTPUT]
[--environment ENV] [--mode {set,get}]

Get or set SSM parameters and generate environment variables file for

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --input INPUT, -i INPUT
                        input template environment variables config
  --output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
                        input template environment variables config
  --environment ENV, -e ENV
                        environment name used as prefix for the
                        ssm parameters (e.g. codacy)
  --mode {set,get}, -m {set,get}
                        enable set or get mode (default is get)
usage: ssm2eb [-h] [--input INPUT] [--output OUTPUT]
[--environment ENV] [--mode {set,get}]

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