Client software for the exercises in Crypto 101, the introductory book on cryptography.

crypto, twisted
pip install stanczyk==0.1.0



This is a client for the game-shaped exercises which are part of Crypto 101, the introductory book on cryptography by lvh.

Testing and documentation

The short version: use tox.

The long version: see the extra notes for merlyn.



A much nicer version you can actually play around with.

  • stanczyk is now continuously tested, thanks to Travis CI. Coverage is measured thanks to Coveralls.
  • Solution notification: when an exercise is solved, stanczyk will say something.
  • Exercise listing and exercise details listing commands.
  • Proxy commands. You can now connect to remote virtual servers.
  • Nicer terminal line overwriting routines, which makes it less obvious that stuff is happening asynchronously (sometimes).
  • When starting, a nice table is displayed with all of the available commands, plus a short description of what they do.

I've made a short video that roughly coincides with this version.


Initial version. Contains a nice basic manhole with no extra commands.

Name and spelling

stanczyk is named after Stańczyk, a historical Polish jester. Other Crypto 101 projects (such as merlyn, arthur and clarent) were already named after things from the court of Arthurian legend; I picked Stańczyk because:

  1. Poland is awesome.
  2. This project looks simple, but it's actually pretty clever; perhaps more than its peers.
  3. Poland is awesome.

The banner is an excerpt from the famous painting of Stańczyk by Jan Matejko.