Lightweight SOAP client

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Suds is a lightweight SOAP python client for consuming Web Services.

Mirror of supporting Python3 and some fixes.


The "Suds" web services client is a lightweight soap-based client for python the is licensed under LGPL.

For details, visit:

Since the original library is no longer supported and documentation also disappeared along with it.

A copy of the documentation is hosted at

This is not my original documentation however I have reformatted to sphinx rST style and updated few parts to keep the code examples clean and working.

Pull requests are welcome for the docs.


  • No class generation
  • Provides an object API.
  • Reads wsdl at runtime for encoding/decoding
  • Supports the following SOAP binding styles:
  • Document/Literal
  • RPC/Literal
  • RPC/Encoded
  • Provides objectification of WSDL defined:
  • Types ''(objects)''
  • Enumerations
  • Service and type objects provide inspection via ''print''
  • Supports unicode
  • HTTP authentication
  • ''Basic'' WS-Security


pip3 install suds-py3

Sample usage

from suds.client import Client
client = Client('http://localhost:8181/soap/helloservice?wsdl', username='bob', password='catbob')
result = client.service.sayHello('bob')
# result -> "Hello, bob!"


Examples folder contains sample SOAP services in JAVA, .NET WCF.

Example has a python client that loads WSDL from http://localhost:8181/soap/helloservice?wsdl <- This is served by one of the below services.

RUN Any one of the JAVA/.NET WCF services

RUN python examples/ to test whether this package is working properly.

Running JAVA Soap service

  • cd examples/java-soap/ && sh

Running .NET WCF service

  • cd examples/NET45_WCF/ && run_service.bat <- Run this in Visual Studio developer command prompt