Missing SwiftLint runner with ability to define config file per target

ios, swift, swiftlint
pip install swiftlint-runner==0.0.1


Missing SwiftLint runner

Missing Xcode project aware SwiftLint runner with support for different targets.


The original SwiftLint tool is Xcode project agnostic. This can be problematic. Imagine you want to use different SwiftLint config for production and test targets and you have a directory structure where tests (specs) are mixed up with production code:

UI /
└── Controllers /
    ├── ViewController.swift
    ├── ViewControllerSpec.swift
    └── Doubles
        └── APIClientDouble.swift

As of now, SwiftLint does not support recursive glob patterns, so you can't exclude the directory like **Doubles.

SwiftLint runner

SwiftLint runner lists all of the Swift files under a specific target, appends it to the specified config file and performs linting on those files.

Given the directory structure:

Project /
├── .swiftlint_sources.yml
├── .swiftlint_specs.yml
├── Project.xcodeproj
└── Controllers /
    ├── ViewController.swift
    └── ViewControllerSpec.swift

and the two targets called Production & Specs you can use SwiftLint runner as follows:

slrunner Project.xcodeproj Production .swiftlint_sources.yml
slrunner Project.xcodeproj Specs .swiftlint_specs.yml

And forget about glob patterns at all!


SwiftLint runner requires Python 3.7. To install it, simply run:

pip install swiftlint-runner