Simple engine for your test. No code, no noodles

pip install table-test==0.4.2


Table test

Notice: This repository is not supported because the approach has not paid off. It is much better to use native pyTest.

This package wrote to use table tests in python. The best practice and very useful practice is test with simple-style structure. You don't write any code: for-loop, conditions, exceptions and other difficult constructions in tests. You describe your test as some cases:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Object (class or function)
  • Target value or exception
  • After and before middleware

Such kind of tests intend of standartization and getting rid of verbosity. You can find some examples into tests. More sophisticated examples you can find here


git clone
pip install -r requirements

Our recommendations

If you want to use our util, we recommend to use for single class for testing each function or method. You must inherit from the base class and build your own class:

from utils import BaseTestClass, SubTest
from example.c import MyClass

class MyTest(BaseTestClass):

    def setUp(self):
        self.tests = [
                name="Test 1",
                description="This is accepted test for method",
                args={'b': 1},

    def test(self):
        for test in self.tests:
            self.apply_test(test, lambda obj, kwargs:**kwargs))
  • BaseTestClass - this is simple engine for process your tests.
  • SubTest - this is instance of your test

You're welcome! Enjoy it (=.