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pip install tatoo==0.7.0


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tatoo - task toolkit

Tatoo is python task toolkit, intended to be small and simple, but powerful and extensible. Out of the box it allows you to programmatically execute tasks on the local machine:

>>> from tatoo import Environment
>>> env = Environment()
>>> @env.task
>>> def hello():
...     print('Hello, world!')
>>> hello.apply()
Hello, world!

It can be use as a replacement for tools like Make (a command-line interface is provided via extensions), but it was developed with Celery's features in mind, so once there will be extensions for remote task execution, daemonization and others.

Documentation can be found on read the docs.

It works under Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3+ and Pypy (Pypy3 is not yet supported) on Linux, OSX and Windows. This ensured on each commit continiously using TravisCI (Linux & OSX) and Appveyor (Windows).