Google translate plugin for teedoc

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pip install teedoc-plugin-google-translate==1.1.6



中文 | English

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Official site: teedoc.neucrack.com or teedoc.github.io

More demo: see here or here

documentation generate tool from markdown and jupyter notebook to html

teedoc can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Build a document website, and it is best to support multiple documents and custom pages
  • Organizations' or companies' docs spread in different domains, wish to combine them to one site(domain)
  • Build a WiKi website
  • Build personal or corporate knowledge base
  • Build personal or corporate website


  • Easy to use, cross platform, only need Python3
  • Easy to deploy, only copy generated staitc HTML files to your server or other host
  • Easy to write, markdown support
  • Jupyter notebook support
  • Multiple docs support
  • Plugin support
  • Multiple theme support(support by plugin)
  • Control the style accurate to the page through css (implemented by customizing the id and class of each page)
  • Multi-level directory support
  • Multi-language support (manual translation) (Internationalization/i18n)
  • Multilingual support (translation plugin)
  • Multiple version support
  • Search support
  • SEO friendly
  • Real-time preview file changes
  • Parallel build, faster build speed
  • Blog support
  • Jinja2 HTML layout template support

Get Started

Visit official site: teedoc.github.io or teedoc.neucrack.com

Create your website on github pages in minutes

See template repo

Quik start

  • Install python3

On Windows or macOS, download from python.org

On Linux, Ubuntu for example:

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip
  • Install teedoc

This command will install teedoc program

pip3 install -U teedoc
  • Initialize document
mkdir my_site
cd my_site
teedoc init


teedoc -d my_site init

select minimal template in promot

  • Install plugins

This command will install plugins used by doc(set in site_config.json)

cd my_site
teedoc install
  • build or serve
teedoc serve

then visit in browser

If you only want to generate htmls:

teedoc build