Telethon secret chat plugin

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pip install telethon-secret-chat==0.2.4



Secret chat plugin for telethon, available on PyPi.

This is still a work in progress so expect more commits to it. Originally based on the End-to-End Encryption, Secret Chats document, but it wasn't clear enough so I followed their advice and checked one of the implementations that had it (MadelineProto). Therefore, this plugin is based on Daniil's implementation at its core.


  • ☒ Accepting secret chats
  • ☒ Creating secret chats
  • ☒ Closing secret chats
  • ☒ Sending text messages
  • ☒ Recieving text messages
  • ☒ Uploading/downloading media
  • ☒ Dealing with rekeying [1]
  • ☒ Saving secret chats keys to database [2]
  • ☐ Saving messages to database [3]
  • ☒ Automatic decryption/accepting/finishing
  • ☐ Compatibility with tdlib [4]
[1] Every 100 messages you need to recreate the auth key.
[2] Auth keys are saved client sides so if you restart the script you will lose all secret chats you had and can no longer recieve messages from them.
[3] There is no get_messages function in secret chats so users can't see old messages.
[4] The secret chat implementation of tdlib differs from other clients, so applications like Telegram X or the mac client may not work with these chats.


Easiest way is to install it through pip

pip install telethon-secret-chat~=0.2


from telethon import TelegramClient
from telethon_secret_chat import SecretChatManager

client = TelegramClient(...)

async def replier(event):
    # all events are encrypted by default
    if event.decrypted_event.message and event.decrypted_event.message == "hello":
        await event.reply("**hi**") # parse_mode is markdown by default

async def new_chat(chat, created_by_me):
    if created_by_me:
        print("User {} has accepted our secret chat request".format(chat))
        print("We have accepted the secret chat request of {}".format(chat))

manager = SecretChatManager(client, auto_accept=True,
                            new_chat_created=new_chat)  # automatically accept new secret chats
manager.add_secret_event_handler(func=replier)  # we can specify the type of the event

with client:

To start a secret chat you can call:


To use sqlite as a storage session you need to pass an sqlite connection to SecretChatManager:

manager = SecretChatManager(client, session=db_conn, auto_accept=True)
# you can also pass client.session from telethon as such
manager = SecretChatManager(client, session=client.session, auto_accept=True)

To manually accept incoming you can do as follow:

from telethon_secret_chat import SecretChatManager, SECRET_TYPES

manager = SecretChatManager(client, auto_accept=False)

In your handler, you can do the following:

await manager.accept_secret_chat(