Python wrapper for connecting to Telldus Live

pip install tellive-py==0.5.2


Python wrapper for Telldus Live

tellive-py is a Python wrapper for Telldus Live, "a user friendly service for automating your TellStick connected gear using the Internet".

Please report any problem as a GitHub issue report.


  • Includes the script tellive_core_connector for connecting a e.g. a Tellstick Duo to Telldus Live without needing Telldus Center. Supports both devices and sensors.
  • Open source (GPLv3+).



$ pip install tellive-py


To run the included program for connecting a TellStick to Telldus Live:

$ tellive_core_connector ~/.config/tellive.conf

The first time you run the program (with a particular config file), it will exit and ask you to visit a given URL to give the program access to your account.

When you have done so, you can then edit the config file (~/.config/tellive.conf in this example) and add a name to the sensors that you wish to send to Telldus Live. You can also disable devices that you don't want to be controllable via Telldus Live (see tellive_core_connector --help for more info). Then start the program again as above.

The program runs well as a background process in e.g. screen. To have it automatically start after boot, you can add the following to your crontab (crontab -e). The two lines that set PYTHONPATH and PATH are only needed if you haven't installed the modules, only cloned the repositories or unpacked the tar ball (replace /home/erik with the correct path):

PYTHONPATH = /home/erik/tellive-py:/home/erik/tellcore-py
PATH = /home/erik/tellive-py/bin:/usr/bin:/bin

@reboot screen -dmS tellive tellive_core_connector ~/tellive.conf

API example

The API can also be used by your own program. This how you would connect to Telldus Live and register the client (with PUBLIC_KEY and PRIVATE_KEY from here):

client = TellstickLiveClient(PUBLIC_KEY, PRIVATE_KEY)
(server, port) = client.connect_to_first_available_server()