Interactive geospatial data manipulation in Python

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pip install telluric==0.13.2




telluric is a Python library to manage vector and raster geospatial data in an interactive and easy way.

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Opening a raster is as simple as:

In [1]: import telluric as tl

In [2]:"")
Out[2]: <telluric.georaster.GeoRaster2 at 0x7facd183ad68>

And reading some vector data is equally simple:

In [3]:"shapefiles/usa-major-cities.shp")
Out[3]: <telluric.collections.FileCollection at 0x7facd1183048>

For more usage examples and a complete API reference, check out our documentation on Read the Docs.

The source code and issue tracker are hosted on GitHub, and all contributions and feedback are more than welcome.


You can install telluric using pip:

pip install telluric[vis]

Read more complete installation instructions at our documentation.

telluric is a pure Python library, and therefore should work on Linux, OS X and Windows provided that you can install its dependencies. If you find any problem, please open an issue and we will take care of it.


telluric is usually developed on Linux. For full tests do:

$ make build
$ make test

for testing single tests do:

$ make dockershell
docker$ python -m pytest TEST_FILE::TEST_NAME


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