Telomere Computational Analysis Tool

pip install telomerecat==4.0.2


Telomerecat (Telomere Computational Analysis Tool)


Telomerecat is a tool for estimating the average telomere length (TL) for a paired end, whole genome sequencing (WGS) sample.

Telomerecat is adaptable, accurate and fast. The algorithm accounts for sequencing amplification artifacts, anneouploidy (common in cancer samples) and noise generated by WGS. For a high coverage WGS BAM file of around 100GB telomerecat can produce an estimate in ~1 hour.

Docker container

Telomerecat is available as a Docker container on

No "latest" image is defined, you need to specify the version you require, e.g.:

export VERSION_TEL=3.4.1 # update as appropriate
docker pull${VERSION_TEL}


The docker container is known to work with singularity, save the image locally via:

export VERSION_TEL=3.4.1 # update as appropriate
singularity pull docker://${VERSION_TEL}


Installation is via pip. Simply execute with the URL to a package release, e.g.:

pip3 install telomerecat

Basic usage

Please see the command line help:

telomerecat --help


When selecting the number of processes/threads the following should be considered:

  • Single sample/input - 1, 2 or 4 recommended
  • Multi sample/input - even values
    • parallel bam2telbam processes will be started with 2 cpus each (assuming >2 processes)

Package Dependancies

pip will install the relevant dependancies, listed here for convenience:

Development Dependencies

You will need virtualenv available on your system.

Create a virtual python environement

python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
python develop # so bin scripts can find module

Cutting a release

  1. Check version in has been updated
  2. Check parabam version in
  3. Follow standard Hubflow release process (within cancerit)

CircleCI will handle docker image push to and package deployment to pypi.