Toolkit which overloads 'print(…)' and 'input()' to redirect them to a web page.

cli, web, term, terminal, text, Atlas, toolkit, atlastk
pip install term2web==0.0.4


term2web: terminal in a web page (Python version)

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license: MIT Version

Notice française : https://q37.info/s/rhj9qmb9.

This library is like termcolor, but with all the text formatting possibilities of CSS.

Install (pip install term2web), import (from term2web import *) on the top of your program, and all print(…) and input(…) will be redirected to a web page.

You can also launch:

  • git clone http://github.com/epeios-q37/term2web-python,
  • cd term2web-python,
  • python3 main.py (or directly python3 Basic.py or python3 WithCSS.py).

Online demonstration: https://q37.info/s/kjjcfcp3.

There are three other functions available.

set_property(name,value) applies the CSS property of name name and value value.


set_property("font-style", "italic")

set_properties(properties) applies the CSS properties stored in properties which is a dictionary whose keys are property names, and values the corresponding property values.


    "text-decoration-line": "line-through",
    "text-decoration-style": "wavy",
    "text-decoration-color": "red"

reset_properties() removes all the CSS properties set by above functions.

Basic.py is an example with calls to print(…) and input(…), but without CSS formatting. Comment out the import * from term2web for the program to run in the usual way in a terminal.

WithCSS.py shows how CSS rules can be used to format the displayed text.

You can still use the default print(…) and input(…) after an import builtins with builtins.print(…) and builtins.input(…).

Unlike other programs based on the Atlas toolkit, on which this library is based, it is not possible to simultaneously launch two or more instances of a program based on the term2web library. This is intentional, in order to keep this library simple to use.