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pip install testflows==1.6.73


TestFlows Test Framework

TestFlows is still work in progress and is currently under development. Please use it only for reference.



TestFlows is a flow oriented test framework that can be used for functional, integration, acceptance and unit testing. It uses everything is a test approach with the focus on providing test designers flexibility in writing and running their tests.

Supported environment


You can install TestFlows using pip3

$ pip3 install testflows

or from sources

$ git clone https://github.com/testflows/TestFlows.git
$ cd TestFlows
$ ./build ; ./install


TestFlows supports defining tests using either the traditional keywords

  • Module, Suite, Test, and Step

or using BDD (Behavior Driven Development) inspired keywords

  • Module, Feature, Scenario, Given, When, Then, But, And, By and Finally

Hello TestFlows

An inline test scenario can be defined as follows

from testflows.core import Scenario

with Scenario("Hello TestFlows!"):

then just run it using python3 command

$ python3 ./test.py 
Oct 21,2019 18:44:06   ⟥  Scenario Hello TestFlows!
                 1ms   ⟥⟤ OK Hello TestFlows!, /Hello TestFlows!

1 scenario (1 ok)

Total time 1ms

Executed on Dec 31,1969 19:00
TestFlows Test Framework v1.3.191021.1223802

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