Convert beamer presentations to IPython notebooks

pip install tex2ipy==0.3


Tex2IPython Notebook

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This package makes it easy to convert a LaTeX file (currently) typically using the beamer package into an IPython notebook with RISE.

To use the package, simply run:

$ tex2ipy talk.tex talk.ipynb

This does not attempt to completely cover all TeX macros. Bulk of the basics should work hopefully covering 90% of the basic macros.

There is a simple example presentation LaTeX file in the examples directory along with the converted IPython notebook.


If you wish to support more macros or your own, you can subclass Tex2Cells and add any handlers for your own macros. Let us say you add additional methods to your subclass and in a file called customize.py you can use this file as follows:

$ tex2ipy -c customize.py talk.tex talk.ipynb

This will use your customizations for the conversion.

Known issues

  • Does not yet handle tables/tabular environments.

  • tex2ipy uses the very convenient TexSoup package to parse LaTeX. This package has a few minor issues with parsing inline math expressions embedded inside itemize/enumerate lists. This can cause some issues when converting files.