Wrapper for the Terraform Enterprise API

pip install tf_api_gateway==0.63



Python Wrapper gateway for the Terraform Enterprise API

NOTE This is currently a [WIP] and will be evolving until it reaches a 1.0 version

Since HashiCorp has decided to move the interface to Terraform Enteprise (formerly Atlas) to an API instead of using the command-line tool, the need quickly arose for an easy way to interface with this API. As such, I chose to create a python wrapper class that makes it relatively easy to utilize the API, both in day-2-day work, as well as integration into CI/CD pipelines and other similar use-cases. In case it is not clear, this is meant to be a companion framework to be used in other higher-level applications/utilities.

Currently this is still a work in progress, both due to available time, as well as the availability and accuracy of HashiCorp's API documentation, which is in Beta. Currently, the 'workspace', 'oauth', and 'variables' routes are implemented. Methods not yet completed are stubbed but simple return a "Not Completed" string.

The package now includes a console app as well, referenced below...


To Install:

pip install tf_api_gateway

Example of usage:

from tf_api_gateway import apiGateway

myToken = '[TF_TOKEN]'
myWorkspace = '[WORSPACE_NAME]

myGateway = apiGateway(api_token = myToken, 
                       organization = myOrg, 
                       workspace = myWorkspace)

## Add a variable to workspace
myGateway.addVariable( var_name="var_name", 
                       var_value="var_value" )

Currently, the following methods are implemented:

  • getVariableList()
  • addVariable()
  • deleteVariable()
  • updateVariable()
  • getWorkspaceList()
  • addWorkspace()
  • deleteWorkspace()
  • getOauthTokens()

Console Application

In addition to the library, I have provided a console application the implements the apiGateway interface. The primary intention of this tool is to facilitate the integration of Terraform into a CI/CD pipeline, however you could use it any way you see fit. (Obviously!) The application has detailed help when run from the console, as shown below...

user@host:/$ terraformGateway 
Usage: terraformGateway [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Console utility for interfacing with Terraform Enterprise

  To see details for each command, use:
   terraformGateway [command] --help

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  addnew          Adds all new variables from the TF file to...
  addworkspace    Adds a workspace to Terraform If not...
  checkworkspace  Checks to see if Workspace exists If not...
  compare         Compares variables between Terraform and TF...
  listworkspaces  Lists all workspaces for a specific account...
  removemissing   Removes variables from Terraform that are no...
  updatevalues    Updates variables in Terraform with the...