TFX Addons libraries

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pip install tfx-addons==0.2.4


TFX Addons

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SIG TFX-Addons is a community-led open source project. As such, the project depends on public contributions, bug fixes, and documentation. This project adheres to the TensorFlow Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.


The maintainers of TensorFlow Addons can be found in the CODEOWNERS file of the repo. If you would like to maintain something, please feel free to submit a PR. We encourage multiple owners for all submodules.


TFX Addons is available on PyPI for all OS. To install the latest version, run the following:

pip install tfx-addons

To ensure you have a compatible version of dependencies for any given project, you can specify the project name as an extra requirement during install:

pip install tfx-addons[feast_examplegen,schema_curation]

To use TFX Addons:

from tfx import v1 as tfx
import tfx_addons as tfxa

# Then you can easily load projects tfxa.{project_name}. Ex:


TFX Addons projects

Check out proposals for a list of existing or upcoming projects proposals for TFX Addons.

Tutorials and examples

See examples/ for end-to-end examples of various addons.


TFX Addons is a community-led project. Please have a look at our contributing and development guides if you want to contribute to the project:

Meeting cadence:

We meet bi-weekly on Wednesday. Check out our Meeting notes and join to get invited to the meeting.

Package releases

Check out to learn how TFX Addons is released.