meltQA Tools Common Library.

selenium, helpers, qa, automation
pip install theark==0.0.9



Install Instructions : pip install theark

The Ark is a library of commonly used tools for automating a website. These tools include:

Email Client : Quick way of sending test results to an email address or a list of email addresses

Field Handlers : Takes in different field types for form automation and handles them appropriately

Input Generator : Creates a random user to input in a form.

JCR Helpers : Simple helper methods for retrieving information about a site on AEM 6 via the JCR API

Picard Client : Posts to a created Picard schema.

Rhino Client : Post test results to the Rhino front-end.

S3 Client : Sending files to and getting files from S3.

Screen Capture : Getting a full page, single viewport or scrolling screenshot of a webpage.

Selenium Helpers : A Selenium wrapper that simplifies basic Selenium commands and raises improved exceptions

The packages in the requirements.txt will need to be installed to get the most out of The Ark.

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