Thumbor optimizer to run mozjpeg

thumbor, optimizers, mozjpeg
pip install thumbor-plugins-mozjpeg==0.1.4



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This monorepo contains multiple plugins that should be used on Thumbor to add new capabilities, like GifV or Mozjpeg compression.

Each of the optimizers is released and can be installed separately.

📜 List of thumbor-plugins

You can find the plugins in:

⚙️ Installation

pip install thumbor-plugins-mozjpeg
pip install thumbor-plugins-gifv

🎯 Usage

After installing the packages, just add the plugins you need to the OPTIMIZERS list on your thumbor.conf


Each optimizer contains parameters that can be used to configure how it runs.

👍 Contribute

thumbor-plugins is an open-source project with many contributors. Join them contributing code.

🚨 Breaking change

This repository used to be released under a single package in previous versions, thumbor-plugins.

We broke down into multiple packages to make it easier for developers to contribute, test, and use different versions.

For example, the mozjpeg optimizer is released on the package thumbor-plugins-mozjpeg, and the Gifv one on the package thumbor-plugins-gifv.

Third Party

Integration tests uses a bug.png picture by Marcelo Jorge Vieira licensed under CC-BY-4.0.