Python API for controlling Tikteck LED bulbs

pip install tikteck==0.4


Python control for Tikteck LED bulbs

A simple Python API for controlling LED bulbs from Tikteck. This code makes use of the PyBT2 branch of Mike Ryan's PyBT

Example use

This will connect and set the bulb to full red, no green and no blue at 50% intensity.

import tikteck

bulb = tikteck.tikteck("00:21:4d:00:00:01", "Smart Light", "password")
bulb.set_state(0xff, 0x00, 0x00, 0x80)

Password can be obtained by enabling developer mode on your phone and running "adb logcat" after running the Tikteck app. The password will be printed in the form

E LedoBleSDK: login =skName=======[Smart Light]=======skPw==[password]

where the value between square brackets is the password. If skName is not "Smart Light", pass the appropriate value rather than "Smart Light".