A time tracker

pip install time-tracker-plus==1.1


Time Tracker Plus

ttp, a time tracker inspired by utt.

ttp is a python time tracker where you tell the time tracker what you've done after you've already done it. Like writing a git commit message.

start tracking time with ttp start, then when you've finished a task add it with ttp add updated my resume. You can edit your log with ttp edit.

ttp project someproject changes what project you're logging to.

ttp report shows a report of your current tasks. Help is wanted for this, as we need more template options. Uses jinja2 for templating.


pip install pipx --user
pipx install time-tracker-plus

Optionally enable bash's tab-completion by adding this to your ~/.bashrc file.

eval "$(_TTP_COMPLETE=source ttp)"

Example report

You can write new reports using jinja2. Personally I use this to generate invoices for clients, directly from my hours.

# default
## Monday, January 20th, 2020 to Sunday, January 26th, 2020

 *  1.00h worked on time tracker
 *  4.00h worked on time tracker2
 * 22.00h worked on time tracker3
 *  1.88h worked on time tracker overnight

28.88 hours worked total