Save data from Todoist to a SQLite database

todoist, sqlite, export, dogsheep, datasette
pip install todoist-to-sqlite==0.2



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Save data from Todoist to a SQLite database. Supports saving tasks, projects, filters, notes, labels, and completed tasks.

(Some Todoist features require Premium, like fetching completed tasks)

How to install

$ pip install todoist-to-sqlite


In the Todoist client, go to the Integrations tab of Settings and issue/copy your personal API token. Run this command and paste in your API token:

$ todoist-to-sqlite auth

This will create a file called auth.json in your current directory containing the required value. To save the file at a different path or filename, use the --auth=myauth.json option.

Saving Current Todoist Data

The sync command retrieves all "active" data associated with your Todoist account.

$ todoist-to-sqlite sync todoist.db

This includes: uncompleted tasks, projects, labels, filters, and notes.

Saving Completed Tasks

The completed_tasks command saves all completed tasks from your Todoist account. This may take a long time to download for active Todoist users.

$ todoist-to-sqlite completed_tasks todoist.db

completed_tasks also will sync any associated metadata (i.e. archived projects) associated with completed tasks.

Note: This command requires Todoist Premium due to limitations of their API.


This package is heavily inspired by goodreads-to-sqlite by Tobias Kunze and github-to-sqlite by Simon Willison.

This package was designed to fit nicely in the dogsheep / datasette ecosystems.