A set of tools for working with tornado

pip install tornadotools==0.2.2


Tornado Tools

This is a small project collecting my personal best practices and goodies for my work with Tornado.

Basically there are two types of code in here:

  1. Libraries. Some are simply collected (like adisp), some are selfwritten

    (like the Monrel2 Handler)

  2. Python decorators. Mostly they are little code snippets doing something

    useful and enhancing Tornado in a (hopefully) useful way.

Detailed usage is can be found in the documentation.

Getting started with the code

To get an idea of the code, have a look and the documentation. Then you should know what buildout is and does. Finally you should be familiar with some kind of editor...


Currently everything is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. Maybe I should use the BSD or MIT license, but then I had to change all code headers...