Trivially Up a cluster of programs, such as a Kafka cluster

pip install trivup==0.12.2


trivup - Trivially Up a cluster of applications

librdkafka tests (Serving suggestion)

trivup is a flexible, pluggable, light-weight, partly naiivistic, framework for trivially bringing up a cluster of applications.

The initial use-case is to bring up a simple Kafka cluster for easily testing librdkafka on different broker versions.

Featured apps:

  • Apache Kafka cluster with optional KRaft (ZooKeeper-less) support
  • Apache ZooKeeper
  • Confluent's Schema-Registry
  • Kerberos 5 KDC for GSSAPI/Kerberos authentication
  • OAUTHBEARER OIDC JWK ticket server
  • SSL CA/public/private certificate generation

SECURITY WARNING: trivup will run unprotected, wide-open, poorly-configured, server applications on your machine, providing an ingress vector for intrusion, theft and data-loss. DO NOT RUN ON PUBLIC NETWORKS.

Command-line example

To spin up a Kafka cluster with Confluent Schema-Registry:

$ python3 -m trivup.clusters.KafkaCluster --version 3.1.0 --sr

Pass --help for more options.

A sub-shell will be started with access to all cluster components, try:

$ $KAFKA_PATH/bin/ --zookeeper $ZK_ADDRESS \
  --create --topic test --partitions 4 --replication-factor 3
$ kafkacat -b $BROKERS -L

As you exit the sub-shell the cluster will be brought down and deleted:

$ exit

Code example

See tests/ for a code example.


  • Python packages: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Java JRE
  • Netcat
  • For SSL: openssl
  • For GSSAPI/Kerberos: krb5-kdc (linux only, will not work on osx).
  • For Schema-Registry: docker

To bootstrap your Ubuntu/Debian system with the required packages, do:

$ make bootstrap-ubuntu
# or, to also install krb5-kdc and docker:
$ make bootstrap-ubuntu-full


Set TRIVUP_ROOT=~/trivup-cache (or wherever you like) to define where trivup will have its working directory and where downloads are cached.