Explore Open Pull Requests

pip install tugboat==ae90204


Tugboat Pull Request Explorer

Tugboat is a command line tool for exploring open pull requests on Github or Github Enterprise, using the Github API. It generates a report of all open pull requests for all the repositories it was requested to examine, sorted by the pull request's last update time. Each pull request is listed with a link to the pull request, and an indicator as to whether the pull request is mergeable.


Tugboat uses cli_tools, and so provides extensive help text, accessible by using the "--help" argument. The primary arguments it needs have to do with authenticating to Github (see the help for "--username", "--password", and "--github-url"; note that tugboat will prompt for a password if none is provided).

Tugboat also must be told which repositories to examine; this is done by passing one or more of the "--repo", "--user", or "--org" options. (Note that tugboat will generate an empty report if none of these options are passed.) Any mix of these options may be used; tugboat will explore all listed repositories, and all repositories it can see under the listed users or organizations.