Run-time type checker for Python

pip install typeguard==2.13.3


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This library provides run-time type checking for functions defined with PEP 484 argument (and return) type annotations.

Three principal ways to do type checking are provided, each with its pros and cons:

  1. the check_argument_types() and check_return_type() functions:
    • debugger friendly (except when running with the pydev debugger with the C extension installed)
    • does not work reliably with dynamically defined type hints (e.g. in nested functions)
  2. the @typechecked decorator:
    • automatically type checks yields and sends of returned generators (regular and async)
    • adds an extra frame to the call stack for every call to a decorated function
  3. the import hook (typeguard.importhook.install_import_hook()):
    • automatically annotates classes and functions with @typechecked on import
    • no code changes required in target modules
    • requires imports of modules you need to check to be deferred until after the import hook has been installed
    • may clash with other import hooks

See the documentation for further instructions.