Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python 3.8+

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pip install typing-extensions==4.11.0


Typing Extensions

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The typing_extensions module serves two related purposes:

  • Enable use of new type system features on older Python versions. For example, typing.TypeGuard is new in Python 3.10, but typing_extensions allows users on previous Python versions to use it too.
  • Enable experimentation with new type system PEPs before they are accepted and added to the typing module.

typing_extensions is treated specially by static type checkers such as mypy and pyright. Objects defined in typing_extensions are treated the same way as equivalent forms in typing.

typing_extensions uses Semantic Versioning. The major version will be incremented only for backwards-incompatible changes. Therefore, it's safe to depend on typing_extensions like this: typing_extensions >=x.y, <(x+1), where x.y is the first version that includes all features you need.

Included items

See the documentation for a complete listing of module contents.


See for how to contribute to typing_extensions.