Filters to enhance web typography, including support for Django & Jinja templates

pip install typogrify==2.0.7


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Typogrify provides a set of custom filters that automatically apply various transformations to plain text in order to yield typographically-improved HTML. While often used in conjunction with Jinja and Django template systems, the filters can be used in any environment.


The following command will install via pip. Pay particular attention to the package name:

python -m pip install typogrify


Python 3.6 and above is supported. The only dependency is SmartyPants, a Python port of a project by John Gruber.

Installing Jinja or Django is only required if you intend to use the optional template filters that are included for those frameworks.


The filters can be used in any environment by importing them from typogrify.filters:

from typogrify.filters import typogrify
content = typogrify(content)

For use with Django, you can add typogrify to the INSTALLED_APPS setting of any Django project in which you wish to use it, and then use {% load typogrify_tags %} in your templates to load the filters it provides.

Experimental support for Jinja is in typogrify.templatetags.jinja_filters.

Included filters


Wraps ampersands in HTML with <span class="amp"> so they can be styled with CSS. Ampersands are also normalized to &amp;. Requires ampersands to have whitespace or an &nbsp; on both sides. Will not change any ampersand which has already been wrapped in this fashion.


Wraps multiple capital letters in <span class="caps"> so they can be styled with CSS.


Wraps initial quotes in <span class="dquo"> for double quotes or <span class="quo"> for single quotes. Works inside these block elements:

  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
  • p
  • li
  • dt
  • dd

Also accounts for potential opening inline elements: a, em, strong, span, b, i.


Applies SmartyPants.


Applies all of the following filters, in order:

  • amp
  • widont
  • smartypants
  • caps
  • initial_quotes


Based on Shaun Inman's PHP utility of the same name, replaces the space between the last two words in a string with &nbsp; to avoid a final line of text with only one word.

Works inside these block elements:

  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
  • p
  • li
  • dt
  • dd

Also accounts for potential closing inline elements: a, em, strong, span, b, i.


To set up your development environment, first clone the project. Then create and activate a new virtual environment. From within the project, run:

python -m pip install invoke
invoke setup

Each time you make changes to Typogrify, there are two things to do regarding tests: check that the existing tests pass, and add tests for any new features or bug fixes. You can run the tests via:

invoke tests

In addition to running the test suite, it is important to also ensure that any lines you changed conform to code style guidelines. You can check that via:

invoke lint