A small version of UniDic packaged for Python

japanese, nlp, unidic
pip install unidic-lite==1.0.8


Current PyPI packages

Unidic Lite

This is a version of unidic-py that is designed to be installable with pip alone, not requiring any extra downloads.

At the moment it uses Unidic 2.1.2, from 2013, which is the most recent release of UniDic that's small enough to be distributed via PyPI.

Note this package takes roughly 250MB on disk after being installed.

In order to use this you will need to install a MeCab wrapper such as mecab-python3 or fugashi.

Differences from the Official UniDic Release

This has a few changes from the official UniDic release to make it easier to use.

  • entries for 令和 have been added
  • single-character numeric and alphabetic words have been deleted
  • unk.def has been modified so unknown punctuation won't be marked as a noun


This code is licensed under the MIT or WTFPL license, as you prefer. Unidic 2.1.2 is copyright the UniDic Consortium and distributed under the terms of the BSD license.