A cli tool for making post to unixporn

pip install unixpornposter==1.1.6


Unixporn Poster

Small cli tool for quickly making a post to r/unixporn

Installation & Setup

pip install --user unixpornposter
  1. Create a new app at https://www.reddit.com/prefs/apps/ and get a client_id and client_secret

  2. Create a file at ~/.config/unixpornposter/redditCreds and populate it like this

    {'client_id'     : 'your_client_id',
     'client_secret' : 'your_client_secret',
     'user_agent'    : 'a script',
     'username'      : 'your_username',
     'password'      : 'your_password'}


  1. Make a rice directory

     ⮡ screenshot1.png
     ⮡ screenshot2.jpg
     ⮡ screenshot3.gif
     ⮡ details

    The details file is info for your post, inclusing the details comment information, and the title, it should look like this:

    {"Wallpaper"   : ("Smoking Maid",         "https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/58837536"),
     "Terminal"    : ("st",                   "st.suckless.org"),
     "Colorscheme" : ("base16-unikitty-dark", "https://github.com/joshwlewis/base16-unikitty"),
     "Startpage"   : ("My Fork of ArchLabs",  "https://github.com/lifesgood123/.ArchLabs-homepage"),
     "title"       : "I can't wait to be done with this"
     "wm"          : "sowm"

Entries can be either a str or a tuple, and both the title and wm entries must be strings, and are required.

  1. Run the poster

    unixpornpost /rice/directory/here

Notes on command-line options

So far the only available option is -g . If set it will utilise the katfetch module to grab some basic information like your terminal, wm, shell, and distro. Whatever is in your details file takes precedent over whatever is generated by katfetch.

  • Create more options for the details file format
  • Design logging system to ensure no duplicate post are made
  • Add support for videos (this one's fairly easy)