Upload HTML documentations and share bookmarks

pip install updoc==1.9.7



UpDoc is a web application for uploading developer documentations, with a few interesting tips.

Main features:

* drag and drop archives of documentations (.zip or .tar.gz with a bunch of HTML files) to upload them,
* RSS feed with the last uploaded docs,
* RSS feed with the docs that you frequently check,
* upload archives with a single cURL request,
* generate RSS feeds with your bookmarks,
* generate a proxy.PAC file.

RSS feeds can be added as bookmarks folders in Firefox, so it is very easy to share sets of bookmarks in a company. Archives are fully indexed, so you can search any text inside all documentations, or inside a specific one.

You can find a complete documentation here: http://updoc.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ .