URI templates

pip install uritemplate==3.0.0



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This is a Python implementation of RFC6570, URI Template, and can expand templates up to and including Level 4 in that specification.

It exposes a method, expand. For example:

>>> from uritemplate import expand
>>> expand("http://www.{domain}/", {"domain": "foo.com"})

It also exposes a method variables that returns all variables used in a uritemplate. For example:

>>> from uritemplate import variables
>>> variables('http:www{.domain*}{/top,next}{?q:20}')
>>> set(['domain', 'next', 'q', 'top'])

This function can be useful to determine what keywords are available to be expanded.


uritemplate works with Python 2.5+.


You need to install simplejson module to run the tests on Python 2.5.


The easiest way to install uritemplate is with pip:

$ pip install uritemplate

See its Python Package Index entry for more.


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