Some quick tools for generating visualisations that pop up in ML papers all the time

pip install usualsuspects==0.2.1



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The repo contains a small set of tools to create visualisations I constantly find inside of ML papers. It is also primarily a personal testbed for practicing software engineering practices and the whole PyPI/RTD/Github/CI ecosystem.

If you find any of the tools useful please consider leaving a star on the repo or contributing!


The most stable version can be installed from PyPI via pip in the terminal.

pip install usualsuspects

Alternatively the bleeding edge version of this little library will be on the repo. Buiding from sources is as simple as cloning the repo and running a developer install in the root folder of the directory (where is) with:

pip install -e . 

This will allow you to adapt the source code to your liking and the changes will take effect immediately.


TODO. Will set this up after CI is set up.