Format 'ls' output into verbose, human readable output

pip install verbose-ls==0.1.2


Verbose ls

This package aims to make the output of ls a little more readable and verbose.

Note: This package should work on Linux, but has only been tested on Mac OS (Mojave).


$ pip install verbose_ls

Using verbose_ls

For example, the permissions for owner, group, and other users can be hard to read in the first 9 slots. And for someone new to ls it may not be obvious what the other output means.

For example, for the in this package:

ls -l

-rw-r--r--  1 scottnelson  staff  406 Dec 26 20:30

This util adds descriptions for each column, and expands the output to make it more clear what it means.


 File Type: Regular file
 Owner Permissions: Read, Write
 Group Permissions: Read
 Other Users Permissions: Read
 Hard Links: 1
 Owner: scottnelson
 Owner Group: staff
 Size: 406B
 Last Modified: Dec 26 20:30