A tool that creates a scafold for Vim plugins to be written in Python.

pip install vim-plugin-starter-kit==1.0.0



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Get productive a little faster

I created the vim-plugin-starter-kit to help speed up development and perhaps shorten the learning curve involved with writing Vim plugins.


pip install vim-plugin-starter-kit


Run vim-plugin-starter-kit from the command line. Once you answer a few questions you will have all that you need to immediately get started writing a new Vim plugin with the Python language. The resulting directory will contain scaffolding for documentation, testing, and your .py and .vim files customized for your specified project name. The files will contain working examples you can use as reference as you begin writing your plugin.


As you're are getting started check out the Wiki for more examples of usage of common interactions between Python scripts with the Vim buffer.

But Wait There Is More

Ever wonder how to get started writing your own vim plugin? I gave a talk where I use the starter-kit and walk through step by step writing and testing a complete plugin. Check it out here