Infomap network clustering algorithm

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pip install vintasoftware-infomap-fork==


Infomap Software Package

Infomap is a network clustering algorithm based on the Map equation.

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For a list of recent changes, see in the source directory.

Getting started

In a terminal with the GNU Compiler Collection installed, just run make in the current directory to compile the code with the included Makefile. Call ./Infomap to run.

Run ./Infomap --help or visit options for a list of available options.

Infomap can be used both as a standalone program and as a library. See the examples folder for examples.

Using Pip

Infomap is available on the Python Package Index PyPi. To install, run

pip install infomap

To upgrade, run

pip install --upgrade infomap

When the Python infomap package is installed, a binary called infomap is available on the command line from any directory.

Check the API documentation to get started.

Using Git

To download and compile the newest version from Github, clone the repository by running

git clone
cd infomap

Migrating from v0.x to v1.0

In v1.0 we have moved the old master branch to v0.x. If you have cloned Infomap before v1.0, get the master branch up-to-date by running

git checkout v0.x
git branch -D master
git checkout -b master origin/master

Using NPM

An experimental web worker implementation is available on NPM. To install it, run

npm install @mapequation/infomap


Daniel Edler, Anton Eriksson, Martin Rosvall

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Terms of use

Infomap is released under a dual licence.

To give everyone maximum freedom to make use of Infomap and derivative works, we make the code open source under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or any later version (see LICENSE_AGPLv3.txt.)

For a non-copyleft license, please contact us.