A simple page cache for Wagtail based on the Django cache middleware.

cache, caching, django, wagtail
pip install wagtail-cache==2.2.0


Wagtail Cache

A fast and simple page cache for Wagtail, inspired by the Django cache middleware.

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Why Wagtail Cache?

Django has a robust cache middleware that already has the functionality needed to cache web pages effectively. But turning the cache middleware on will blindly cache every request and does not work well with a Wagtail site.

Wagtail Cache provides a middleware, decorator, and mixin that works well with Wagtail pages, Django views, or even manually on any request/response to efficiently cache and serve from cache.

The end result is ultra-fast page serving that requires zero database hits to serve cached pages. Other solutions such as template caching still require database hits for Wagtail to serve a page.

Wagtail Cache also does not require any additional infrastructure such as Redis, Memcached, proxies, etc. It can work directly off the filesystem, or using any of Django's built-in cache backends.


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