Wagtail plugin that adds reading level calculations to Draftail.

wagtail, wagtail-plugin
pip install wagtail-readinglevel==3.5.0



A lightweight Wagtail plugin to determine the reading level of text input into a rich text field.

Currently there are two available modes:

  1. (Default) Reading Age - calculated using the Automated Readability Index.
  2. SMOG Index - calculated the SMOG Index (only suitable for English).
  3. Coleman-Liau Index - calculated using the Coleman-Liau Index.
  4. Flesch Score - calculated using the Flesch Reading Ease forumal (only suitable for English).
  5. Gunning Fog Index - calculated using the Gunning Fog Index

!! This is an experimental build meant to test yet unreleased api features in Wagtail. It uses a monkeypatch to work specifically with Wagtail 2.0 and will likely break in a future release of Wagtail. !!


  • pip install wagtail-readinglevel
  • Add your desired plugin app names to your list of installed apps AFTER all wagtail app includes (e.g. wagtail.admin, wagtail.core etc.). The names are:
    • wagtailreadinglevel for Automated Readability Index (Reading Age)
    • wagtailreadinglevelsmog for SMOG Index
    • wagtailreadinglevelcoleman for Coleman-Liau Index
    • wagtailreadinglevelflesch for Flesh Reading Ease Score
    • wagtailreadinglevelfog for the Gunning Fog index


Once installed You will see the reading level and/or smog index displayed in the toolbar of all rich text fields in your Wagtail admin area (depending on which you added to your list of installed apps).