A library for working with the color formats defined by HTML and CSS.

color, css, html, web, colors, python
pip install webcolors==1.13


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webcolors is a module for working with HTML/CSS color definitions.

Support is included for normalizing and converting between the following formats (RGB colorspace only; conversion to/from HSL can be handled by the colorsys module in the Python standard library):

  • Specification-defined color names
  • Six-digit hexadecimal
  • Three-digit hexadecimal
  • Integer rgb() triplet
  • Percentage rgb() triplet

For example:

>>> import webcolors
>>> webcolors.hex_to_name("#daa520")

Implementations are also provided for the HTML5 color parsing and serialization algorithms. For example, parsing the infamous "chucknorris" string into an rgb() triplet:

>>> import webcolors
>>> webcolors.html5_parse_legacy_color("chucknorris")
HTML5SimpleColor(red=192, green=0, blue=0)

Full documentation is available online.