Well Trajectory Conversion

directional, survey, wellbore, trajectory, minimum, curvature, crs-transform, directional-survey, drilling, latitude, longitude-points, minimum-curvature-algorithm, oil-and-gas
pip install welltrajconvert-bpamos==0.0.3



The welltrajconvert is a Python package that allows a user to take the bare minimum required wellbore survey information and return it's directional survey points including its latitude, longitude, TVD, XY offset, and UTM points.

welltrajconvert requires only the wellId, measured depth, inclination angle, azimuth degrees, surface latitude, and surface longitude points or surface UTM XY and associated CRS to calculate its survey points using a minimum curvature algorithm.

welltrajconvert calculates the following points along the wellbore: latitude_points, longitude_points, x_points, y_points, surface_x, surface_y, dogleg severity, tvd, e_w_deviaiton, n_s_deviation, zone_number, zone_letter, and isHorizontal, a categorical array defining if the well is horizontal or not.

The package can take a variety of data inputs ranging from csv, df, and json.

see https://welltrajconvert.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ for complete documentation.


Prerequisites: Python 3.7 or later.

It is recommended to install the most recent stable release of welltrajconvert from PyPI.

$ pip install welltrajconvert

Alternatively, you could install from source code. This will give you the latest, but unstable, version of welltrajconvert.

$ git clone https://github.com/bpamos/welltrajconvert.git
$ cd welltrajconvert/
$ pip install ./


  1. Create (and activate) a new environment, named welltrajconvert with Python 3.7. If prompted to proceed with the install (Proceed [y]/n) type y.

    • Linux or Mac:
    conda create -n welltrajconvert python=3.7
    source activate welltrajconvert
    • Windows:
    conda create --name welltrajconvert python=3.7
    activate welltrajconvert

    At this point your command line should look something like: (welltrajconvert) <User>:welltrajconvert <user>$. The (welltrajconvert) indicates that your environment has been activated, and you can proceed with further package installations.