Batching ad tech providers’ operations for humans

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pip install wespe==0.2.4


Wespe - Batching ad tech providers’ operations for humans

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What is Wespe?

Wespe is a Python API for batching requests when interfacing AdTech providers (e.g. adwords, facebook business). The motivation behind Wespe is to provide a simple and consistent interface for batching requests. Currently it only supports Facebook Business. Other providers will be added in the future.

Read the docs: http://wespe.readthedocs.io/en/latest/


Wespe supports python 3.6+. It may also work on pypy, cython, and jython, but is not being tested for these versions.

To install Wespe run the following command:

pip install wespe

Usage - Facebook Business

All steps from now on will assume you've already set the default api connection using facebook_busines. It's also possible to set one on the fly by providing the api kwarg in FacebookBatchUploader's constructor.

from wespe.batch_uploaders import FacebookBatchUploader

# There is no request limit. If necessary Wespe will coordinate the execution of multiple FacebookAdsApiBatch
# instances.
batch_uploader = FacebookBatchUploader(requests)

except BatchExecutionError:
    for error in batch_uploader.errors:
        # See FacebookBatchRequestError for more info on what you can do

for response in batch_uploader.responses:
    # See FacebookBatchResponse for more info on what you can do


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