A GUI frontend for Leoetlino's Python tools for Breath of the Wild modding

pip install wildbits==1.0.0b10


Wild Bits

A GUI frontend for several Python tools using in BotW modding


  • Windows 10 or nearly any modern disto of GNU/Linux (older versions of Windows, particularly Windows 7, may work but are not officially supported)
  • Python 3.7 64-bit (Windows users use this link, Linux users check your distro)
  • The following pip packages, which will be installed automatically:
    • aamp
    • byml
    • syaz0
    • PyMsyt
    • PySide2
    • pyYaml
    • rstb
    • sarc


  1. Install Python using the above link if you haven't already. Make sure it is in your PATH (how-to link).
  2. Install Wild Bits from the Command Prompt or terminal: pip install wildbits
  3. Run from the Command Prompt or Terminal: wildbits
  4. Optional: Create a shortcut to the Wild Bits executable


Open with the command wildbits. Follow the lead of the GUI. Everything has tooltips to explain. If you have any questions, I may be able to help.