a package that can help you remove local persistent utilies

pip install wildcard.fixpersistentutilities==1.1b7



This product was created to help you remove nasty local persistent utilities that won't go away and can destroy your instance when you try to remove a product that registered one.


  • remove adapters
  • remove subscribers
  • remove provided interfaces
  • remove provided interfaces across the entire site - useful for removing collective.flowplayer

Just append '/@@fix-persistent-utilities' onto your plone site root or the root of zope(for gsm) and browse through all your registered utilities on your site and remove things at will.

By default, the tools prevents you from removing certain registrations; however, you can enter "expert mode" and remove whatever you want.


You can really screw up things if you do this wrong so use with extreme care and backup your instance before you use it.

I will not take responsibility if you misuse this tool...


Do not include this product as part of your normal set of products. Only install this product on debug zope clients.

This product should allow you to remove things from products that are no longer installed on the system; although, if you experience problems removing things, make sure to add those eggs to the system again.

Automatically generate missing classes

If you no longer have a product installed that you're trying to remove, FPU can dynamically create the fake class for you.

this is dangerous if you don't delete fake class

To enable, specify this environment variable: