A scalable framework for security research and development teams.

workbench, security, python
pip install workbench==0.3.6


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A scalable python framework for security research and development teams.

Workbench focuses on simplicity, transparency, and easy on-site customization. As an open source python project it provides light-weight task management, execution and pipelining for a loosely-coupled set of python classes.

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Big Thanks

  • Yara Sigs: AlienVault, Crowdstrike, Mandiant, Viper, KevTheHermit

Pull the repository

Warning!: The repository contains malcious data samples, be careful, exclude the workbench directory from AV, etc...

git clone https://github.com/supercowpowers/workbench.git

Read the Documentation

Workbench documentation: Workbench Docs

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