XML backed models queried from external REST apis

pip install xml_models2==0.11.1


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XmlModels allows you to define Models similar in nature to Django models that are backed by XML endpoints rather than a database. Using a familiar declarative definition, the fields map to values in the XML document by means of XPath expressions. With support for querying external REST APIs using a django-esque approach, we have strived to make writing and using xml backed models as close to django database models as we can, within the limitations of the available API calls.


The simplest approach is to to use pip install xml_models2

A simple example

Just to get started, this is an example of taking an XML representation of an Address that might be returned from a GET request to an external REST api.

<Address id="2">
  <street>Acacia Avenue</street>
  <postcode>IM6 66B</postcode>

class Address(xml_models.Model):
  number = xml_models.IntField(xpath="/Address/number")
  street = xml_models.CharField(xpath="/Address/street")
  city = xml_models.CharField(xpath="/Address/city")
  country = xml_models.CharField(xpath="/Address/country")
  postcode = xml_models.CharField(xpath="/Address/postcode")

  finders = {(id,): 'http://adresses/%s'}

This example would be used as follows:-

>>> address = Address.objects.get(id=2)
>>> print "address is %s, %s" % (address.number, address.street)
"22, Acacia Avenue"


This project is a fork of Django REST Models